Sagem Com France

Monday, September 14, 2020


Started working at SagemCom October 2002. In a Multi Function Printer project I stepped in as mechanical team leader and particularly in charge of the ADF scanner.  We achived to design a compact Duplex scanner module that I also was granted three patents.

Once production started I handled quality issues and running design changes.



Next multi function printer project I stepped up as Mechanical Manager. I was handling up to 10 engineers. This was a low range product series that based on the same platform should integrate 3 products. The challenge here was to keep cost down and we had to challenge all previous designs how to cut cost. The product was a huge success and Sagem com had produced over 1M units before I left the company.


After two years development and production start of the low range series it was time to start a high end range product series. The product was based on a colour laser printer and focus here was high performance. With ADF capacity of 70 pages and capable of scanning 40pages/min in duplex. Once again we had to review what we had done before. Feeding a sheet of paper seems easy but it must work with different paper qualities, thin or thick paper, humidity, static charging, how the paper is cut by the manufacturer and so on. Our efforts resulted in a very good performing product with high quality.

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