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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Laser Printer Toner CartridgeLaser printer Toner Cartridge technique


Arrived to China November 2008 in the middle of the financial crisis. Due to to crisis my upstarted development project was stopped and instead I was appointed Mechanical Manager of a Toner Cartridge project.

This project was filled with challenges. We had toner caking problems due to the physics of powder to compact during storage and agitation so the printer quality was effected. We had to integrate a stiring mechanism into the funnel to keep the powder fluid. Filed a patent for this solution.

We also had issue related to suppliers components. It was Tribo blade effecting the toner charging and the toner layer thickness. Slightest variations gave print quality issues. We had manufacturing problem of the developer roller as the tolerances for runout and surface roughness are so critical. Other issues was toner leakage, torque resistance, electric discontinuty, life test performance. In the middle of this was I managing a team of test engineers and designers. Keeping contact with supplies for quality issues. Production started just when I left the company 2012.


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