Welcome to 2 Carp Design

Hi, I am Henric. I started this company 2015. My base is in Tokarp, Anderstorp, Småland. My vision from start and still is to share my knowledge and skills in product development to companies in this region.

Review about development projects from Sweden, France and China. For further information don't hestitate to contact me.

2 Carp Design

The story about the name, if you already did not notice, 2 Carp is a Nomeronym of Tokarp, the village where me and my familly is settled. But there is also something else to it.

As I bring a bagage of influences from China the meaning has another dimension to it.
In Chinese culture the sign of two Carp fish swimming together side by side forms the symbol of Ying & Yang, the balance between two opposed sides. The Dark side against the bright side. The female against the male. The weak against the strong. The symbolism have many layers and depth in itself.

A carp fish has also it's own symbolism in Chinese culture as Good fortune and prosperity.